In response to Sachin’s remark on ODI, Jadega reacts accordingly

In an effort to keep the classic Test cricket alive and in response to the 50-over format being more abandoned in favour of the profitable T20 format, Sachin Tendulkar offered his perspective on how ODI cricket might be made entertaining once more. Tendulkar claimed that a significant portion of an ODI match is beginning to seem tedious and proposed changing the format to include making it a 40-over-a-side affair.

The game is already “losing momentum,” according to Tendulkar, between the 15th and 40th overs. He proposed that it could be preferable to arrange the game such that both teams bowl in both halves. Former Indian batter Ajay Jadeja had an amusing perspective on the matter, stating that it appears that sides are no longer interested in extending the game to 40 overs.

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