Matthew Hayden thinks that Shubman Gill will continue Sachin and Virat’s good performance in the IPL in 2023.

Shubman Gill became very successful in cricket very fast. In 2023, a young cricket player named batter did really well in the IPL season opener. They scored 63 runs in 36 balls, helping their team (Gujarat Titans) win against Chennai Super Kings by five wickets.Hayden was part of IPL for 10 years. He thinks Shubman Gill can continue Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli’s legacy. Hayden said that it’s not just about how many runs Tilak scores, but how quickly he scores them. Tilak can make a difference in the game no matter where he bats.

Shubman Gill is doing well as Gujarat Titans’ opening player and Hayden thinks he’ll keep it up for a while. Hayden says that even though MS Dhoni is a great player, the game needs to find new players to keep going. He thinks that Ruturaj could be one of those new players who does well.

Hayden believes that cricket needs people who are admired, and Shubman Gill has all the abilities to become great. He says it’s important to score quickly and mentions how the current IPL is showing that even players who don’t play for long can still make a big difference.

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