Sourav Ganguly responds to Virat Kohli’s ‘unfollow’ amid deepening rift in IPL 2023

Prior to RCB’s third game at home against Chennai Super Kings, a new video that had not been seen before from the DC match became popular on Twitter. In the video, it was evident that Sourav Ganguly paid no heed to Virat Kohli, who was present in his cricketing attire and ready to play before the commencement of the game. A fresh surge of dispute and conjecture regarding the continued schism between Indian cricket’s two prominent individuals has been ignited by this event.

Ganguly has responded to the three viral videos from the IPL 2023 match between RCB and Delhi Capitals. The recent action indicates that the divide between him and Kohli has become more profound. Although there have been no official announcements made by either side, the various events that have occurred imply that both parties are still harboring resentment from the event that first occurred in November 2021 when Kohli was stripped of his ODI captaincy.

Despite having previously followed Kohli on social media until Sunday, Ganguly chose to unfollow the Indian cricketer on Monday. During the interlude of the two days in question, Kohli was found to have ceased following Ganguly on Instagram, thus confirming the authenticity of the discord between these two cricketing luminaries.The dispute between Ganguly and Kohli that persists has seized the interest of cricket enthusiasts across the globe. It is uncertain what impact this will have on the future performance of the Indian cricket team.

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